Art De Table

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Different brands from around the globe have dedicated their creativity and business development on producing glassware, tableware, chinaware, cutlery, and all the small touches that makes "L' Art de Table".


A great French house founded in 1948 and recognized with 70 years of excellence and complete know-how, offering a wide range of products and distributed in more than 85 countries and supplying the leading international hotel chains.

The DEGRENNE collections decorate the most beautiful tables and celebrate the revival of French Gastronomy. It have been chosen by numerous great Chefs worldwide with its high level of quality and expediency. Whether it's a haute cuisine, a bistro or brasserie, the Maison DEGRENNE provides solutions that are right for the environment and inspiration of all chefs, to generate the most beautiful emotions within their customers.

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The birth of Porland began with a glassware store opened in 1976. After this, in 1992, hard porcelain production and decoration activities started. 


Porland is the first domestic porcelain manufacturer to produce the first colored porcelain of Turkey, to produce the first and only custom recipe Alumilite porcelain, to obtain the 10850 quality certificate of the Turkish Standards Institute and to obtain BS 4034 certificate which is the English quality standard.


Today, Porland produces about 70 million piece, with 30 stores and many outlets, and exports 65% of its production to more than 30 countries.

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Royale® has been at the side of the best chefs in the world for more than thirty years in order to pursue excellence and the best quality standards.

Throughout the years it has developed distinctive concepts that cope with modernity and technology, and where every article is a piece of art by itself.

The articles are all hand-modelled and decorated in Italy by greatly experienced craftsmen, often born into the profession, day after day, with love.


The Christian Seltmann Porcelain Factory founded in 1910 has evolved, through the takeover of the "Königlich Tettau" porcelain factory and the four specialists porcelain manufacturers and and art department absorbed in 1990, to become a group of companies that is still today managed as a family-run firm.

With the takeover of the "Königlich Tettau" porcelain factory and the smaller companies, the Seltmann Group has over almost 250 years of experience in the production of porcelain, and as per its philosophy Seltmann keeps all of its production facilities in Germany.

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In the early 1970s, Bernd T. Dibbern laid the foundation for the position he enjoys in the market today as manufacturer and supplier of fine tableware lifestyle products of the highest quality in a classic, timeless design. 

It is DIBBERN’s philosophy to combine traditional arts and crafts with aesthetically appealing simplicity.

Nowadays, China plates are still traditionally turned by hand and not statically pressed like most industrial mass products, and glasses are both mouth-blown and hand-cut and manufactured exclusively in Europe.

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LAVA Turkey

LAVA name that inspired from the flame, was established in 2010 with 40 years experience in iron casting.

In the world standard high-tech production facility, cast iron and enamel coating processing has reached the rich product range with assortment of spreads in the International cuisine. And they’ve all started with cast iron grill manufacturing.


Today LAVA facility, exports high range productions; pots, grill pans, cast iron grills, special cooking utensils, wooden serving boards and barbeque grills to 70 countries.

The highest quality cast iron’s being processed with Electrophoresis enameled technology has been certificated of ISO9001 standards.

MP DRINK Portugal

MP Drink® holds a wide range of glasses and utensils in materials that are based on their durability and resistance; Fully conforming to an environmental policy, where the concept of "reusable / recyclable" is the dominant part of its objectives.

Being one of the largest ranges in the world, MP Drink invests in models and colors in terms of markets and flavors.


Among the various commercial actions, MP Drink® has offered in more than 40 countries, always with the will and determination to go around the Planet.


The Company was founded in 1950 to produce glassware for domestic use. Starting with a wholly manual production, it grew quickly, and between the mid fifties and sixties, the production system was transformed to semi-automatic and later on to a complete fully automatic system.


The main characteristics of Borgonovo products is their strength to withstand daily the constant usage of many months and years and also washing cycles. They are conceived and manufactured to meet the requirements of the hospitality segment and the new European laws regarding the respect of the environment.



Borgonovo produces by now a very large range of products for domestic use such as glasses, tumblers, jugs, beer mugs, storage jars etc..

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