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Buffet Solutions

Catalogs of each brand available at the end of each section

When it comes to buffets, the essential trick is to beautifully display the food!

Degrenne Paris

From breakfast to dinner, from sweet buffets to savoury spreads, the EVENTO collection works for all reception needs. A unified, harmonious, practical and modular design. With a host of combinations and a range of materials to choose from (steel, porcelain, glass, stoneware, melamine, stone and wood).

Porland Turkey

Presentation items, which are created from minimal, preparation and service products, from different sizes and forms of plates, appealing to different tastes. It is an ideal product group for rich tables. 

Seltmann Weiden Germany

When it comes to culinary presentation, buffet is in a class of its own.

Seltmann Weiden offers 3 different lines to suit all tastes: Buffet GOURMET, Buffet FANTASTIC & Buffet PLUS.

ZE PÉ Italy

ZE PÉ has a long tradition of designing and crafting items for the breakfast buffet table, like juice and cereal dispensers, displays, trays and stands, as well as service trolleys, like flambé-, service-, cake-, roast-, gueridon trolleys and many more.

The products are 100% made in Italy using only high quality materials having although an excellent price-quality ratio. They are distributed worldwide in the luxury hotel industry, gourmet restaurants, top cruise lines and superior catering services companies.

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