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For almost 50 years, Groupe GM has been providing hotel amenities of over 30 brands for more than 70 countries.

Since the establishment of the international chains department, several hotel groups have entrusted Groupe GM with the creation, production and distribution of their hotel amenity lines.

Groupe GM is also committed to protect the earth, by reducing products' impact on the environment. Several lines have been produced with extra care to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices and EU rules on cosmetics.

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Catalogs of each brand available at the end of each section


Groupe GM ensures the highest quality of Brands inherited from the worlds of creative design, cosmetics, spa or fashion.

Download the catalog of each brand


Groupe GM provides the best tailor-made solutions and accessories needed in every Hotel Room & its Bathroom.


Our youngest clients have got also their part in Groupe GM's accessories, to ensure an entertaining time during their stay.