• We want to thank Inthra for the excellent service that was provided to us. We are aware that the team went beyond expectations to advise us about the differences in quality with respect to the multiple items proposed, which helped us greatly with our decision. All was done in a clear and straightforward approach resulting in good quality value for our money and most importantly the satisfaction of our clientele.

    We will not hesitate to recommend Inthra to others, feeling confident that they would be as satisfied as we are.

    Nizar Alouf
    General Manager, Riviera Hotel
  • I have had the pleasure to work with Inthra during my tenure in Lebanon.

    I have always enjoyed working with this company because of their professionalism, their passion for the business, commitment to their customers, and may be most important to me, their effective listening and flexibility.

    When dealing with Inthra, you do not only buy a supply but a service attached to it. Given everyone’s different needs, Inthra was always very accommodating, providing customized solutions when needed. Our relationship with Nicolas Chammas has been most courteous and again very transparent, straightforward and flexible. I trust the leadership of the company because the leader is always requesting feedback in order to improve his mission.

    I would recommend Inthra to any hotel.

    Pascal Gauvin
    COO - India, Middle East & Africa - IHG® 
  • I confirm that Inthra is appointed as exclusive agent of Groupe GM in Lebanon, Jordan, Oman and Qatar, and has been a part of the group for over 20 years. Inthra has proved to be a valuable member of the team, having constantly achieved good results and met all expectations. Their work has been a major factor in developing our presence in the Middle East.

    I have found Inthra’s team to be at all times, reliable, hard-working and as helpful as possible, making sure to provide top level services to our customers. Furthermore, their courteous and positive communication ways have contributed in reinforcing bonds with the main actors in our business.

    I can confidently recommend Inthra as a solid and reliable supplier, as well as expert in the field.

    Laurent Marchand
    CEO, Groupe GM
  • Guy Degrenne, spécialiste Français des Arts de la Table, travaille depuis de nombreuses années avec la société Inthra à Beyrouth.

    Inthra a toujours su faire preuve de dynamisme et de motivation. Dans un marché difficile comme le Liban, Inthra a réussi à développer notre chiffre d’affaire.

    Sa présence lors des salons internationaux en tant que visiteur et au salon de Beyrouth en tant qu’exposant, démontre l’implication de l’équipe.

    Nous recommandons fortement Inthra comme étant partenaire de premier choix et lui souhaitons bonne chance pour les années à venir.

    Damien Leruste
    VP Sales & Marketing - Middle East, India - Degrenne Paris