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Buffet Solutions & Holloware

The Guy Degrenne buffet solution works perfectly for all settings - attractive to the eye and practical.

Chafing Dishes
The chafting dish combines stainless steel, porcelain and tempered glass. Accessories include a chafting dish support, porcelain inserts, clear glass covers, a condensation water collection system, as well as notches for serving cutlery, lids, heating elements, burner holders and serving tongs.

Juice Dispensers

Fruit juice urns has central steel tube to hold crushed ice.

Cereal Dispensers

Stands can be easily stackable for storage – steel frames of various levels.

Cooler & Displays

Magnetic porcelain label accessory is available for attachment to the urn cover, refrigerated stand or simple table display. "Eutectique" cooling blocks are also available.
All trays are gastronorm-industry standard, and can be made of stainless steel, glass, or oiled bamboo.

The refrigerated unit holds a wide range of platters and accessories allowing endless combinations.



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