• Magnifying Mirror
  • optima classic - magnifying mirror
  • Magnifying Mirror
  • executive 1200 super
  • hotello
  • metal master 2000
  • premium 1600 shaver
  • premium 1600 super
  • hair dryer
  • handy dryer


Production of ‘valera’ haircare appliances dates back to 1955, while the brand itself has roamed the world since 1990. Valera works in collaboration with hair specialists of university clinics, master hairdressers as well as shampoo and cosmetics producers to bring forth exceptional quality. Such quality is the backbone of the company – hence the reach in sales across 80 countries today.  


Valera brand is sold under the company Ligo Electric, based in the Swiss canton of Ticino in Switzerland. Categories being sold include wall-mounted hairdryers (that are also frontal), hair dryers with wall mounts, single and drawer-mounted hair dryers, as well as hand dryers and magnifying mirrors.



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